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Acne Treatment Facials

Here at Unique Facials we take Acne Skin Disorder very seriously! To get your acne under control we start with a consultation and skin analysis to address you unique problem. All treatments come with exfoliation, lite extraction only if needed, steaming warm or cool follow by cool mask and acne light treatment. Next skin conditoner is apply and instrution on home care.

Acne Treatment Facials


*Mask with all treatments

Add On Acne Skin Care Kit $49.50



Express Acne Treatment* ... $49 ... add Skin Care Home Kit $49.50

Avance Express Acne ** ... $ 65

ONLY Salicylic treatment but very effective followed by acne light treatment.


Detox Treatment* ... $75

Advance Detox with Liquid Enzyme** ... $85  

Great Treatment for teen and adult on set acne, helping to heal the skin back to normal.


The Pink Tomato Treatment** ...  $80

with Salicylic*** ... $95

Tomato Treatment with Salicylic will rapidly being cystic acne under control and heal.


Magic Combo Treatment** ... $90

Add on Enzyme*** ... $105

Our cutom blend combo is right for out of contron acne, using acne peels that really works!


Intents Jessner Magic** ... $95

Add on Salicylic*** ... $110

For mild to stage 5 acne,  Liquid Enzmye & Beta Enzyme work to diegest bacteria on skin!!


TCA/Salicylic Treatment*** ... $125

This very intents treatment is designe for cystic to chronic ance with great healing results.



NOTE : * Stage 1 - 3 Ance   ** stage 3 - 4 Acne   *** Stage 4- 5 Acne

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